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Is Winter Knocking the Door.?

Pakistan is luckily among the fewest country which blessed with all four seasons. Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Season of summer is a bit long in plains areas of Pakistan. It lost from March to end of October. In northern areas, winter start in October and end in may. The duration of Spring and autumn is a bit short. The duration of these two months is not more then a month.

We are in month of September. So we have at least one and half month to enter into winter, but today morning after light rain i felt little bit cold. It seems that winter is just around the corner and this year winter will start early then usual.

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    Is there all four seasons in your country.?

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    • No
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    Which season do you like most. Reply in comment.?

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Written by SRShah


  1. I like autumn the most. I was born in November and I like the food that’s harvested in the season, such as pumpkins and chestnuts. Rain and fog aside, the weather is good too.
    Summer is too sultry and full of mosquitoes. ?

  2. Every weather has their own charm, I love all season,summer with mangoes, ice cream and lovely dressing,spring with flowers beauty and mild coolness,Autumn with cool wave and magical beauty of nature,Winter with fishes, soups, dry nuts and oranges. How’s kind my Allah on us.