Is Valentine's Day About Unrequited Love?

I need to explain the quote, “unrequited love”, it simply means that it is a one-sided love, a love that is not openly reciprocated or often not even understood to be that, by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer’s deep and strong romantic affection for them, or may even consciously reject it.

In my honest opinion, TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE CAN EXIST IN SUCH SITUATIONS. If an admirer truly loves someone, it may be possible to love their beloved forever, because emotions and feelings are real, sometimes, even though they don’t see you in quite the same way. That’s why real love can never come at a price and is always unconditional.

You love that one person because you want to, not because you have that hope that someday the beloved will love you back.If you love, purely in the hope to be loved back, that then is not unconditional love.In unrequited love, it’s because your feelings for the admired person are true, real, and deep.True, unrequited love, I believe, can definitely exist, not because the admirer expects their love to be acknowledged or reciprocated. It is not because they are stubbornly refusing to accept reality. It is not because they hadn’t found someone else and it’s not because they weren’t able to find someone else to share their lives with. It is certainly not because they had suffered rejection. Nor is it because they are obsessed or have had their ego’s bruised really bad. It is simply because they deeply love that person.Or in my friend’s case, let’s call him Neil, who said, he still truly loved the other person even after thirty years of unrequited love. So, even if the other person may never realize it and see him only as a friend, even that would be okay.Unrequited love is often thought to be reserved for people with low self-esteem. But in his case, it really is not. I know him well and in his case, he allows it to exist because he is authentic, kind-hearted and pure at heart.It takes a hell lot of courage to love someone unrequited and without expecting anything in return.

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