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Is this the right place for major world sports events?

This is Doha, the capital city of Qatar which sits on the Persian Gulf. It is currently hosting the World Athletics Championships and it is also the venue for the next FIFA World Cup, to be held in 2022.

However, there are huge question marks over the suitability of this city and country for hosting these events, and also over how the decisions were taken that have led to this happening.

The World Athletics Championships started on Friday, and there have already been major problems, due to the excessive heat and humidity that the athletes have been experiencing. The women’s marathon was held during the night in the hope that the conditions would not be too oppressive, but the 33 degree heat was far too much for many of the runners, 28 of whom (out of 68 starters) dropped out during the race.

Another downer has been the size of the crowds, in that the stadium has been half-full at best. The local population do not seem to be all that interested in supporting this event.

As for the World Cup in 2022, there has long been talk that it is only taking place in Qatar because of large sums of money changing hands behind the scenes – we all know that Qatar has plenty of money to throw around, and there are therefore many suspicions that a good deal of it ended up in the pockets of the people who made the decision!

The Athletics Championships have already been declared a disaster by some, only two days into the event, and there are huge fears that the World Cup will go the same way.

Money talks, they say. Unfortunately it would appear that this is true, and that nothing else does when it comes to matters like this.

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