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Is That Checking Box for Comments Really Necessary…..? POLL

Hi all!

Haven’t been that active lately, just making a small break. I noticed many comments on my latest Sunset photo series posts but still wasn’t able to answer all but I will…! 🙂

Lately there have been some changes following the new GDPR law (which I don’t know anything about) and we all received a Virily newsletter (e-mail notification) about it but unfortunately I still haven’t managed to read it…

What interests me is that checking box under each comment really necessary or it is just too much…? I noticed that there is the same checkbox when logging in so why then put (repeat) it everywhere if there is one on entering the site which should cover everything else on the site…?

Also, I don’t know if commenting under photos is fixed or it is still not working, but I suppose it’s because the checkbox is not put there…

Note: The cover photo is my own photo and not allowed to use.

  • Do you think the checkbox under comments is not that necessary?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think commenting under photos doesn’t work because there is no checkbox under…?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. That check n the box thing is slightly annoying because I always forget that its there, but luckily when I click back, my text is still there. What would tick me off royally is if my text disappears then I have to remember when I typed out. I would probably say the hell with commenting if my comment disappeared

  2. I still sometimes forget to click that checkbox and then have to “back” and then check it… it’s pretty annoying… And I agree, do we have to agree with sometime we agreed already every single time we comment?

    It’s like asking a married couple to sign their cert of marriage whenever they meet … but that’s not what happen, right? You just have to sign it once …

    Anyway, I don’t get why they removed the number of views and shares .. It’s something the writers care about!!

    • Exactly….. I’m not sure it’s a necessary repeating….. But, who knows, maybe it’s a must, but we can’t know that if they say nothing….. Maybe they are unsure too :/

      I don’t know why they removed that…..

      • Yeah, I wish they provide more information… or maybe they’re too busy trying to make the site comply to GDPR rules…?

        That page about GPDR is so long and difficult to understand I gave up halfway! So I still don’t know much about that new law …

        I hope it doesn’t have got to do with the missing of views and shares …

  3. With the new GDPR legal requirements around data and data retention I suspect the site doesn’t have a choice. T hat said I am not a fan of the delivery, just understand they may not have a lot of choice.

      • That is a really great question and sadly there isn’t a really good answer.

        1. GDPR is the law in the EU, but it hasn’t been tested in court, therefore we don’t know what the ground rules and limits are.
        2. I suspect it reduces the number of comments although I haven’t noticed a reduction overall, have you?

        • Well, there is an 88 pages article online about it so I guess it says something about it…
          And, why would it have to do anything with reducing comments…..? It isn’t about reducing anything at all, it just asks you to agree with the privacy policy of the site

          • So if I were designing a site, and I wanted to reduce comments on that site, I woudl add a dialogue box that had to be selected before submitting your comment. I was curious if you had seen a reduction in comments. I haven’t but I wondered if you had. I am not saying that was the intent, just that is something I would do, if I were building such a thing.

        • But I think it is only because of the GDPR, like they had to do it or Thought they had to do it but actually overreacting…..
          It could lead to the reduction of comments because people are annoyed by it…
          I noticed there are fewer posts and less active people; when it comes to comments there weren’t that many comments before too except on my Virily themed posts, but maybe there are fewer comments generally…..

          • I do understand completely why users hate it, and also why the admin team would feel it was the best way. GDPR is a ground shaking, tree knocking down storm, and many companies are over reacting. As of yesterday I had 123 emails telling me about new information policies wholly based on GDPR. As Virily doesn’t do email lists, I suspect they felt stuck.

          • I don’t think that either, that is just one thing I would do if that was one of my goals.

            As far as Virily making money, I would probably think they have embraced the Google model of creating “revenue” with an online assets. As in my gut is 100% of their revenue comes from the targeted ads on the site.

            I don’t think they drive any revenue other than views. Comments are simply a community activity they support (IMHO).

          • Alex, I think that in general I agree with your assessment of Facebook I would say one thing. Facebook today has between 1.5 billion and 1.8 billion legitimate global accounts. There is no other site in the world with that reach today. So, they are big already. Their importance is yet to be seen and or measured. My only point of disagreement with your statement.

          • (PS) Like Facebook and every other site, they put it only once in the e-mail about the changed policies and that’s it…, they don’t do it like Virily on every action to confirm it… We also received an e-mail from Virily about it, so… But like Barbara said, they (Virily) probably want to be sure they covered everything so they put it everywhere even though it is probably not that necessary (repeating)….. :/

          • Ellie, you bring a great point up. But, with GDPR now the law in the EU, let’s see how long it is before the EU hits Facebook with a fine. I know the US is going to hit them pretty hard about the Cambridge Analytics scandal. Facebook will probably change its policies a title more as well…

          • When it comes to Facebook, they will probably change their policies too like every other site, right…? Or EU law doesn’t affect them…..? But, also, I don’t believe they will do it like Virily on every action to confirm it… Like Barbara said, they (Virily) probably want to be sure they covered everything so they put it everywhere even though it is probably not that necessary (repeating)…..

          • I think we need to be really careful here and separate the two threads a little.

            1. Facebook as an entity is less about unique content creation than Virily they are two different and distinct markets and businesses. Based on that the relevance of what Facebook does compared to virily is well, very small. They both make money via advertising. Past that, not so much in common.

            2. The second thread is that of the use of a dialogue box with every comment and the resulting reduction in comments.
            a. Many fewer spam comments are being left (that is a great thing)
            b. everyone is clear about the ownership of the data and information produced.

            Based on the separation of the two threads please feel free to argue with the bifurcated discussion.

          • I agree, it is funny that the US, EU and other nations rush to create laws to protect us, but in the end cost time. The companies that scramble tend to be the smaller organizations. Mostly because they don’t have teams of lawyers sitting and waiting for the chance to go public. (this is a freedom of speech issue!).

        • I can understand that too but I’m sorry to disappoint you, Virily does do e-mail lists, and I received it on my e-mail from the Virily team too (probably like everyone else too…..!), like from many other sites like you mentioned…..

          I agree they earn from ads, but in order to get ads on the site there has to be activity-traffic, that is why they pay for every activity, which drives traffic, that is a simple logic, not anyone informed me about it…..

          • (this was my reply to only 2 of your comments as I’m going through my notifications in order… I will later go through your other comments!!!…..)

          • Actually if you signed up for Virily with social media, you actually didn’t provide an email address so, they don’t send you emails.

            As for traffic, I am not sure the traffic has changed. The thing that appears to have changed is comments. At least in the short run. I have maced out the guest views from posts I’ve shared for more than 8 months here on Virily. That hasn’t changed.

        • When it comes to Facebook, they will probably change their policies too like every other site, right…? Or EU law doesn’t affect them…..? But, also, I don’t believe they will do it like Virily on every action to confirm it… Like Barbara said, they (Virily) probably want to be sure they covered everything so they put it everywhere even though it is probably not that necessary (repeating)…..

        • You commented about separating 2 threads where I can’t answer you so I will answer here, where I can, and also, I’m not sure if you read my comments above this one where I actually wrote my answers…..

          I actually don’t understand the point of what you said because I was actually writing about something else – you can read that in the comments which I’m not sure you saw… Also I mentioned Facebook only because you guys mentioned it and compared it in a totally different way…

          I also didn’t understand the last sentence?

          • Companies like Facebook and others tend to scream “freedom of expression” as their excuse (they are content enablers, not content providers at least they used to argue that, they don’t now.).

            Facebook will change their path a little yes.

        • I forgot a social login, I log in via e-mail so I got the letter… But it is not important, if there is one click at the login which says we accept everything then why repeating it everywhere…..

          I feel like you are talking about something completely else than me, like you missed the point….. You mentioned ads and revenue, and I just said in order to get ads it is needed to have traffic on the site or no one will give you ads. The traffic here is by: views, comments, and all other actions which are therefore all paid so the traffic would be encouraged therefore more ads will come…..

          As far as Facebook: I was just comparing how they (and other sites) do it and how Virily does it…..

          • What I was trying to say is there are two kinds of traffic. One is the people that log in and register with the site.
            The other is guest views.

            I have for the past many months now, gotten the maximum number of guest views you can generate on the site.

            That hasn’t changed as much. I think what is declining is the “registered user” interaction.

            But (IMHO) for Virily, to generate revenue, they care more about total views. and the overall click through rate. IE inbound guest views the original link and then stays on the site to read something else.

        • OK, I can understand that…
          I don’t have many guest views so I tend to act more on the site… Congrats on that…
          I agree there is less activity on the site…
          And I wasn’t aware what is important for Virily but my logic opinion was that activity is also very important…

    • Yes, it seems it is due to this new GDPR law… :/ But I’m not sure it’s necessary that much when we already agree on it at entering the site…
      Yes, I noticed that too, although much later than other members cause I wasn’t that active lately but I’m not sure it has something to do with earned Virils… You always earn from every view so the thing that only the number is removed doesn’t have to mean less views….. What I noticed is maybe less activity from users so maybe that’s the reason…? :/

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