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Is it possible to see without eyes?

Is it possible to see without the eyes?  This is a question that researchers, scientists and clinicians have stumbled upon in search of answers. But the answer to this day remains unresolved, The study of a creature inhabited by rocks has yielded encouraging results.

Mongay rocks in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are rich the Starfish specialty is rich with amazing potential, He has no eyes in his body but can still see. The Red Brattle Star fish is capable of sensing light and taking it to a certain level, They are also known as Ophi-comma Vendetti.

This is the second aquatic animal that can see even without eyes. Earlier it was said of marine life ‘Ochin’ that it has the ability to see even without eyes.

Scientific journal Current Biology reveals a research report released by experts in medicine that there are photosensitive receptors and chromatophores on the body of this fish, Every photoreceptor cell feels lights like a pixel on a computer screen. Meanwhile the fish from the other photo receptor cells with help begin to feel  complete picture.

Experts are now researching how helpful this particular type of starfish can be in helping the  Blind people. What is encouraging is that the way to feel light even in this fish without eyes is similar to that of humans. Scientists hope the research will yield more positive and major results that revolutionize the world of medicine.

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