Is Angelina Julie’s Next Secretary General Of United Nation ?

Angelina Julie, the famous Hollywood actress and the United Nation goodwill ambassador, now a days enjoys most of her time in social work after getting fame in Acting and directing and she is visiting different war effected areas of the world as United Nations Goodwill ambassador.

Looking at her active activities, it seems that she will be the candidate of the United Nations Secretary General too soon and she herself did not deny that. In an interview with People magazine,she said, ‘It is not far away, never think that it can not happen’

Julie says I’m not disappointed that I can not get the UN Secretary-General Position, but my vision can bring me to this position one day, but currently I am looking for others to lead.

Angelina Julie addressed United Nations General Assembly a few days ago, where she said that Afghan peace talks will not prove to be conclusively without women’s participation. she said that thousands of Afghan women have expressed deep concern about their non involvement in peace talks that who will be able to protect the rights of their and their children in the talks with the Taliban?

Julie is committed about women’s security measures in the war effected areas and in the United Nations she have repeatedly expressed that the world is failed to protect them, women abuse is being used as a major weapon of war.

Talking about the services of the High Commission for UN Refugees in her recent interview, she said, that more security forces need to be deployed to protect the refugees. She said that the international community needs to take effective measures to protect refugees from sexual harassment.

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