Is A Woman Really Defiled During Her Menstrual Periods?

What defiles a man or a woman? Is it the food that we eat that defiles a person? Or the menstrual periods of a woman that defiles her? Is it the skin color or the caste that defiles a human being? Well nothing out of these!


The words coming out of a person’s mouth defiles him/her. The words that we speak come out of our heart. So, what defiles a person is the evil word of his/her mouth. Also, what purifies us is the pure word coming out of our mouth. A person speaks out of the abundance of his/her heart. This is the truth and when we know this, we are set free forever. So, it is the impurity of one’s heart that defiles and nothing superficial like the menstrual periods. Also, what makes us pure is the purity of our heart and nothing superficial.

So, if you have received this pure word in the name of Jesus, then, let’s say “Amen”.

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Written by puregrace

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