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Iris is a flower that has always been one of the most powerful symbols of hope, faith, wisdom, respect, and lasting friendship.

In it we see a picture of all those dignified, brave, eager glories, as well as a picture of the Old Slavic god of thunder – Perun. If it is to believe the old legend, it is precisely the place where Perun throws its lightning, and the long touches the earth, the place where the perch is born. It is therefore not surprising that for iris you can often feel that the flower is worthy of the gods!

It is precisely thanks to one such powerful legend that the perch became a symbol of hope, faith and deep respect, and this was recognized by many royal families who soon began to use this flower as a kind of personal symbol. Fleur-de-lis has thus become the national symbol of France, and the iris (with lilies) became the most widely used flower in the heraldic. We also add to this a piece of Asian tradition that recognizes the peruvian as a symbol of the so-called blue blood, and throughout Japan it is appreciated as a flower that rewards good, heroic works. It is interesting that in the Far East Iris is taken as a powerful flower of defense, which not only protects the home and the people from negative energy, but at the same time defends the man and the inside. It beautifies the soul, relaxes the body, and equally important place in perfumery and cosmetics.The appearance of iris also refers to openness and clarity, as it thinks and works. The leaves that carry the sharpness of the sword are a clear sign of briskity, and a flower that almost does not hide is a symbol of truth and sincerity. The truth can be beautiful – says the perch!That’s why Perunics are indeed the best possible gift on occasions when you want someone to say clearly and loudly to your message. This message, depending on color, can put your focus first: honesty and goodness (white iris), passion and lust (yellow), faith and hope (blue), wisdom and seriousness (purple).

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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