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Inviting Alibb to join me in her alphabet B crazy challenge to brew wine

We have been brewing wine for a while now with different fruits.  It is now with fruits that grow in our garden.  Cashew wine is what we have succeeded in brewing – the best one so far. My cousin gave us the recipe.  Just cut up l kilo of cashew apples after separating the nut and are wiped dry.  Add one kilo of sugar and 4 litres of boiled and cooled water.Add one teaspoon of yeast. Place it in a ceramic jar and keep the jar in a dark place. Stir the stuff everyday for 21 days.  Strain out and keep the  strained liquid for 21 days without disturbing  Just open once ebery  two or three days for the air to escape. On the 22nd day siphon out the wine in bottles.  Your cashew wine is ready.

  • Did you know grape wine helps build HDL the good cholesterol?

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