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Introverted people like nostalgia, prefer to quietly contemplate alone.

Introverted people do not want to ask other people, they would rather take a detour themselves, not want to actively ask others for help.

Introverted people are very respectful of face, they would rather suffer for themselves but don’t want to let others look down on themselves.

Introverts are not good at talking, they often feel afflicted with communication.

Introverted people do not like to say before do it later, they like to use actions to prove themselves, when they have good achievements and do not exaggerate with others, they like to hear others say themselves modestly.

Introverted people are self-deprecating, easy to overlook their own advantages and too mindful of their own shortcomings.

Perfect interiorists, they hope everything is as perfect as possible.

Introverted people are very shy, they are at a disadvantage in expressing affection, they like to be in a passive position in love and enjoy the feeling and sweetness when being loved.

Introverted people like to hide in a crying corner silently when hurt, all unjust things leave tears washed away.

Introverted people have very few friends, but they are all close friends.  In friendships, they always want to give their hearts to the other person, almost without any falsehoods.

The introvert is very persistent, they often hide their feelings deep in their hearts.

Introverted people are very attentive, they like to work that they feel excited for a long time, even forgetting to eat and sleep.

Introverts rarely say what they think, just that they don’t like to talk much but like to ponder.

In life, when people talk excitedly, introverted people probably know more than you, but they don’t want to say these things, because the topics people say are known to everyone.  then, “What else must I say?”  This is the thinking of introverted people.

They like to talk about new topics, such as what the other party doesn’t know, or want to hear things they don’t know.

There are introverted people who do not like to greet, actually greeted you in the head, you just need to pay attention to their eyes that can be discovered.  They don’t need to say “Hello” or “Have you eaten yet?” Then they say hello, they have their own ways: smiling, nodding, looking at you intently.

Everyone has their own standards for others, for people who are extroverted, people tend to talk a lot, for inward people, they will say less.  In contrast, the standard of introverts about others is equal, for everyone they are equally or say or not.

You need to know a logic that is probably very strange: “It’s not an introvert who doesn’t talk to you, but you don’t talk to them.”

An extrovert will usually focus with everyone, but when something big happens, it is likely that they will hide in the distance.  As for the introvert, although they normally have little contact with people, but when there are problems with principles or something big, they suddenly come to help you.  In many films, this kind of person is also reflected, in addition to being different from everyone else, they are nothing else, maybe even more kind and affectionate than you.  It’s because you use an unusual look to look at them.

Historically there are many introverted celebrities, such as Napoleon, Einstein, Chaplin, Tolstoy, Seth, Hegel …

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  1. I would have said I’m an extrovert when it comes to non-verbal speech, I tend to use actions, facial expressions and gestures to communicate. I can be very expressive when it comes to showing emotions. Then I’m much of an introvert for everything else. 😄

  2. I am an introvert person. I prefer to work alone, a silent type. I person with few words. I like to learn new things – things that are not ordinary. Even when I started working in the government where I need to discuss topics related to governance, government programs, and the likes, my introvert personally is still noticeable.

  3. I believe your environment can determine some to be introverted or extroverted.
    However, I have some introvert qualities but I happen to be quite forthright and will say what I think.
    I am a bit of both introvert and extrovert.
    Some extroverts are quite indiscreet and need to learn discretion.
    I believe in balance between the 2 but life should be practical, see it do it.

  4. I am an introvert through and through except when it comes to typing as I am doing right now. I also chose the wrong career path at one time as I worked as a registered nurse for 21 years and nurses do not need and should not be introverted. Now I just do some translation on the side which lets me work from home while I am alone and just typing out words. What about you? Are you yourself an introvert or extrovert is I may ask?

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