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Interesting story about how to use money

A boss to Wall Street bank borrowed 500 USD in two weeks. The lending bank must have a mortgage and he uses the Rolls-Royce to park in front of the door as collateral. Bank staff put the car into the warehouse and carry out the lending procedures.

Two weeks later, he went to the bank to pay, interest was only 15 USD. The banker found several hundred thousand in his account, asked the customer why he wanted to borrow money. He said: “The fee for sending a two-week car is US $ 15, this Wall Street cannot be found.”

People say “people are better together in the head”, it’s not wrong! The farthest distance between the elite and the poor is probably in the words “thinking”. Not only “brainstorming” to think of ways to make money, you also have to be mindful of using the following currency for matching. most reasonable and economical. In order to build a prosperous life later, you must first seriously manage your finances, step by step build up and increase your assets, believing that “long-standing ants are full of nests”.

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