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Integration of Wisdom and Awareness ~ Thursday Reflection.

This is another photo from the series of pictures I took last Sunday, on the way home from my mother’s house. I think this picture is quite interesting to share on Thursday Reflection this time.

This is the other side following on from the previous photo. On this side, the Pondok Cabe airport fence is filled with ranks of frangipani or plumeria trees. Actually, sunset is my target, but from inside of the moving vehicle while from the opposite direction, there are also other cars that move, then the camera shot has produced this image.

Actually, it’s something ordinary and absolutely nothing special, but after I pay close attention, there are special things that have made me reflect on it. On the car window glass that moves fast enough, we can see the reflection of trees, electrical wires, and buildings but through the transparent glass, we also see rows of plumeria and airport fences. I think, this combination of reflection and transparency also often occurs in our minds. It’s like when we are in the middle of contemplation to dissolve our life experience, at the same time, we see an essence from the depths of ourselves. It is a time when wisdom meets and unites with awareness.

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