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In Virginia, Somewhere lies Mosby’s Loot

During the civil war, In 1863, a Confederate ranger John Singleton Mosby and a band of guerrilla raiders were able to sneak ten miles into Union territory and was able to capture more than 40 Union troops at Fairfax, the Virginia Courthouse. What made this action all the more surprising, the capture took place without a single shot being fired.

According to reports, Mosby had left with a burlap sack stuffed with gold, silver, jewelry, candlesticks, and other family heirlooms, then valued at around $350,000 all of which, had been stolen from the mansions of local plantation owners.

While making his way back to the Confederate line, Mosby was warned that Union soldiers were dangerously close by so he opted to bury the sack between two trees, marking the spot with his knife.

He later sent  Later, seven of his men back to retrieve the booty, but they were captured and executed. As far as can be determined, Mosby never went back, so it could still be out there.

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  1. I think that the buried things could still be there just sort of hit and miss on the digging. If he was a smart one he would have buried all that under two trees that marked an X. There were two trees in the suburbs of Riga, Latvia where I used to live one was a chestnut and one an oak. In the late fall and winter when the trees were bare two branches crossed each other and made an X. My late husband and I often discussed the fact that at one time during midnight when all is quiet to start digging and see if perhaps X does mark the spot for some treasure but we never tried to do it. Now I am left wondering, what if?

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