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In love with autumn

Cool mornings, forcing yourself to put on a light sweater. Dew and barely cloudy sky. I am slowly breathing fresh air. I slow down the step. I see it. It came back.

Returned to remind me that love to it can be forgotten. It is possible to admire others, find what is are missing, and what I seem to miss so much in the monotony of days. But in the end, I am reborn every time it barely crosses the threshold. And it just proves once again that what we loved a year ago can easily be loved again.

What is real has a tendency to be reborn. Autumn 

I am fond of hot weather, forcing everyone around to wear easy clothes, summer shadows shining brightly eventually fading away with the sun coming down. But I love autumn too. And now I clearly feel – it came back again and I am in love with it. 

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    • Summer
    • Autumn


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  1. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, according to Keats. I’m not surprised that your poll is going the way it is (60% for Autumn as I see it now).