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Important record of life is accumulating in our teeth

According to a new study, just as the tree trunks represent the weather and the tree itself, half the oblique lines on the surface of the teeth can tell the story of a lifetime. This is how the teeth tell the story of our lives.

 Paolo Carito, a professor of dental anthropology at New York University says, we should not consider your teeth as silent and dead part of our body, because they record all the facts of life.

In his study, he studied 47 peoples teeth of 25- to 70-year-olds who lived in the Malawi and Bantu areas of Africa. Reference to the lives and health of all these people was already made.

Experts say that a material near the root of the tooth is cementum, on which lines are formed, they contain records of physical development and other conditions.

 microscope study also revealed the birth of people, the prevalence of menstruation or menopause, disease and the transition from villages to cities. Although only a few dozen teeth have been observed, the indicators in them have been seen exactly as per the lives of the deceased.

In this way we can say that this record in the cementum will unravel the lives of many in the near future. It can be used from criminal investigations to archaeology.

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