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If you’re the Admin of Virily…

Let’s imagine you’re the admin of Virily, what would you want to make changes to?

  • What would you like to change?

    • The point system
    • The word limits
    • Reduce Spams
    • The type of post categories (Story, Trivia Quiz, Open list…etc)
    • Payment System
    • The direction of the site
    • The layout/design
    • The restriction of the types of posting (like you can’t add imagines in the description for polls)
    • Memory/backlog maintainence (like auto clearing of unwanted stuffs or notification)
    • Revamp the whole site
    • Others


What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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      • What you said make sense, but …

        Perhaps some are into getting high points, as in ranking and stuffs. I believe there are some that are not just looking at revenue. However, I of course couldn’t speak for Carol….

        • No, the revenue means more to me than the ranking. And I understand what Norman is saying. I know it would still be divided, this was sort of a wish list perhaps. Under different circumstances… kind of answer. I know it’s not going to happen. Just sayin’.

          • Yeah, I didn’t say that to respond on behalf of you, I know you probably didn’t think I am trying to but I just wish to be clear 🙂

            What I am doing is just to show another side/possibility – and more for myself, I am trying to climb the ladder up – making or staying in the top 30 (if possible 25) is kind of a goal for me.

            And that is partly because I know the revenue would be shared and points really doesn’t mean much. Yeah, I also secretly hope for higher value of points … hehe I guess most people are too :p

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