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If you think that you are eating a salad correctly, be mistaken!

Salad has an honorable place in the history of cooking – it was popular once and today. Today we know that it is also very healthy. Do you know that when the lettuce leaves are green, are healthier?  Many of us in the cleaning of lettuce discard the most nutritious leaves, that is, the lettuce leaves that are the darkest and therefore the most healthy.  It is also important to gather lettuce just before using. If salads a long time is, kept in a refrigerator, the loss of nutritional value. It is also not advisable to cut it with a knife while cleaning it, as it loses its vitamins. It’s better to pick it with your hands. And another thing destroys vitamins and minerals, that is salad wash. Wash whole leaves under running water, then tear them. But do not soak in water for a long time, with this way there are very few nutrients left in it.

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  1. I prefer to tear the salad leaf with my hands, but I think its best to eat a salad fresh and not to keep it too long.
    I find it hard to eat a salad sometimes, because as a child I found snails and insects inside it and often had sandwiches with leaves that had gone off with the heat of the day ….put me off salads.
    I do eat the salad sometimes.

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