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If not cat then who ?

The severe concerns have been raised over the deaths of birds worldwide. According to one study, about 3 billion birds have been killed in the US and Canada alone in the last 50 years. The reason of these birds death are not the hunting cats or other animal, Rather, man-made glass windows in high buildings in the city.

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  1. This is so sad, but recently I saw a video with a simple solution. Using a white glass marker you should draw vertilcal lines on the windows. Not sure how many people would do this, but it could prevent birds from hitting the glass.

  2. wow.

    So this article is incorrect.

    1. Windows are not the top killer of birds. Domestic Cats kill more birds globally than windows do. 2. power lines kill more birds than windows
    3. feral cats kill more birds than domestic cats

    please check your facts. It is very misleading to publish information as fact, that well isn’t’

    The source above represents a valid information source.

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