Aloe Vera plants in a florist's window.

Ideal moisturizer

These days due to the pandemic we are advised to be generous with the sanitizer that we need to use on our hands before touching anything that could be infected.  

Using sanitizers lead to the hands losing their moisture.  I recommend one can use aloe vera gel may be just before going to bed. 

I have many aloe vera plants and I use the gel by pulling out a leaf and scraping out the gel.  Aloe vera as we know is good for many other health issues. 

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  1. We call it sinkle bible. It is good for everything. You can drip the golden gel into your eyes to clear them. You can use it on your skin to moisturise and mosquitos don’t like it.

    You can use it on your hair…it covers gray. A lot of people beat the pulp and drink it, but I can’t. I mix it with everything, from my bath gel to my shampoo to my moisturiser.

    It is a miracle plant


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