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I was there ~ Thursday Reflections

When I passed a car, I saw my reflection there. Without any words and thoughts, I knew that I was there. Sometimes if I see the reflection of myself like that, I often ask, where else can I see myself?

When I see the stars in the night sky, when I see the ocean, when I see clouds, mountains, fire water, plants, I often ask, is there a reflection of me there? I am a creature whose body and soul are shaped by the universe, therefore I cannot avoid the laws that also apply to the universe. For every meaning in an event of nature, I am sure that there is the same secret in me. So when I understand that the universe is an infinite set of knowledge, and I am a small universe, I understand what the virtuous are writing about;

    “The human body is the oldest holy book written by God”.

As also written by a number of astronomical scholars in their investigations who even dared to conclude;

    “Humans are nothing but a universe that is understanding itself”.

So, every time I see myself, my family, neighbors, my city and its citizens, my country and all its people, I also often ask, is there a reflection of me there? Also when my country is in a condition like it’s ready to burn. After seeing it, of course, I also had to learn to sort and choose, like when my wife chose good fruit to buy and consume. She will set aside the bad ones, then set aside the small ones, and finally, take the big ones and are good for consumption, which will become part of our body. This is the natural nature of anyone; choose the best.

Recognizing people’s ugliness or mistakes is indeed not an absolute mistake. However, scoffing and blaspheming the negative side is also not a productive action. In fact, these two attitudes actually make us feel led to do something else. We really need to know the bad to be able to avoid it so that it does not become the same behavior in our daily lives. For the wise, mistakes, ugliness, or mistakes someone can make a teacher who will give examples of things that deserve to be avoided. This is the way to learn to be good without the need to ridicule or blaspheme evil. Recognizing rotten fruit is a way to not choose it. In that good and rotten fruit, am I there?

May we give the best food to our minds, including not to hate the rotten. We just don’t need to choose it.

  • Do you agree that we should only give the best food to our minds as well as our bodies?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you agree that we can see our reflections on anything?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I mostly agree but maybe not completely… It would be too hard to explain my philosophy about these things but, yes, reflections are everywhere as every action has it’s re-action… Bad things are not necessarily bad but something that broadens our perspectives and understanding of things…

  2. When we wander past an object that reflects what we don’t see, we stop and wonder. Did we just realize that we weren’t what we thought we were?

    In the reflection, there is both the reflection itself, but also the projection of the object reflecting.

  3. Very powerful message. I completely agree. Kind of like the saying, beauty is only skin deep. We must make the effort to look past anything our eyes can see with anyone. Until we can do that, we will not get the entire picture.

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