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I was picked up by the cops.

Here in the provinces of the Philippines, the common police vehicles are not sedans. But rather modified vans that are similar to the passenger jeepneys. Commonly we refer to the police vehicle ‘patrol’.

The photo shows me riding at the back of the police vehicle.  It’s the first time that I rode the ‘patrol’.

Probably you are wondering why the cops picked me up and thinking, ‘What did you do, John?’.

Not that I broke any law here, not joined any rallies. There was none here anyway.

The cops picked me up to bring their station which is about 40 kilometers away. Their chief wanted their local area network done and my friend referred me for the job.

It took me more than a half-day to finish the job. It could have been longer if the Police Captain himself did not help. He was a very hands-on type of person. I expected someone on that position would just wait and see. But no. He helped me install the cables himself.

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    • Well…only if it wasn’t a long ride. The trip wore me down a bit. I haven’t made a long trip even before the quarantine. But yeah it was interesting.

      I wondered how it felt if I had been cuffed. hehe. But the passenger cab is open on the sides. People might mistake me for a criminal if I had been cuffed. hehe

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