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I Think She Can Hear Us…


Imagination is a denialist concept and does not exist, a woman’s intuition, on the other hand, is as real as the warmth of a summer breeze. ~ Unknown

As a kid, my folks and I always talked about supernatural things and our experiences so I am a firm believer and I am quite comfortable talking about it with others. Anyway, one morning my mom told me someone unseen had spoken to her.  

I was immediately intrigued and asked, “What??” Then she said, “ something weird happened last night “ And the sound of this made me even more interested so I kept prodding and she finally told me. “I woke up last night around 2:30 or 3:00 am to go to the bathroom, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop downstairs (her words). While I was in there I started to hear like a conversation, people talking but I couldn’t understand what they were saying but I tried to listen.” 

Then, of course, being the person she was, she said aloud “talk louder” thinking nothing of it but next thing she hears a whisper say “I think she can hear us” …. We both looked at each other in shock like she was expecting me to give her an answer to what happened but neither of us had one. In my later years, this spiritual connection has been a huge part of my life and my family’s and we have often benefitted from it. I am deeply grateful for the joy it has brought me even when not all foreknowledge is pleasing.

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    • All we have to do is acknowledge their presence. If you do so they will manifest even clearer. They can hear you. All they want is to know that you are “feeling” them. They will answer your questions once they realize that you sense their presence.

  1. Everyone in my family has had a sixth sense and I inherited mine after my dad died when I was 10 and I was able to see him as if in life. It has greatly helped me now that I lost my soul mate and we have had the chance to be together again. A couple of nights ago I was taken by him from my dreams and we danced the entire night away somewhere up along the MilkyWay. I remember how light I felt and how I could dance like in the old days. When I was returned to my earthly body for a whole day I sure was stiff and sore but I told him to take me dancing any time you like I’d rather dance with you among the stars than have you dance with someone else

    • At last, my friend, you are telling me what I have been sensing about you. Please help me by being outspoken as here on this page. Let’s share the light here and not hide it because of ignorant ridicule. What is a “mocker” other than a frightened little child? It is the realization that everyone is accountable eventually and that there is more to life than idle playing around.

      I once had a person publicly belittling my visitations to the village frail-care center to comfort the elderly. Everywhere my family and I went, the stores, etc, he would shout at the top his voice, “Here comes Jesus, look, here comes the Messiah, he will heal you.”

      One day I went up to him and said, there won’t be another opportunity for him to do so ever again. There were many people around who heard me tell him this. The next day he was struck by lightning and died! Now, I’m not saying it had anything to do with me
      but what if God prompted me to say what I did because he already had a date with death?


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