I suddenly felt vulnerable

It was my first online delivery during the lockdown.  I heard the gate bell which is rare as no one visits us these days.  It was the courier guy  He had a mask and a sanitizer in hand. 

I told him to place the parcel on the pillar. He then said I should sanitize my hands before touching the parcel. He had the sanitizer with him.  He poured a few drops of that on my hands.  I picked the parcel and have placed it far away.  I do not need that item just yet.

This whole process suddenly reminded me that I could be vulnerable even though I am safe in the confines of Solitaire – far from the madding crowd. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg as it reminded me how vulnerable the whole world is and people are dying every day by the hundreds.

Physical distancing, wearing masks and hand washing will just keep the disease away but unless there is a vaccine in place it will stay with us.  What life is that – physical distancing is not what human beings are used to .  😢😢😢

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Written by grace

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  1. I only received 1 parcel. It was a box of gloves. The placard wore a mask and gloves, me too. But there are many irresponsible people. I don’t think this virus will disappear until a vaccine is found.

  2. I received a parcel the other day. It contained my new book that is going to be published this Tuesday. The working guy did not wear mask or gloves, I took the parcel and once I had the books I throw the parcel to the bin and I cleaned everything. It is so sad, we are going to suffer a lot because the vaccine will not come until the end of 2021 maybe.

  3. This whole thing is terrible. It shows that there are still some nasty people that have gotten worse during this and then there are those that try to do the right thing, but, others screw it up for them and they have to suffer along with the nasty ones. This has been a very very hard time.

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