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I saved this beauty

This kitten was stuck. Her paw was stuck between a door and other objects. I panicked at first, but I could save her. Her mother attacked me, but it wasn’t a strong bite. She just wanted to defend her baby.  Fortunately she has her mother with her. I am so glad that I saved her. She cried so bad. I can’t believe how beautiful are these kittens. I have 8 kittens. 4 of them have blue eyes, like this one. Nature is amazing.

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Written by Diana

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  1. All I can say is that kitten will be safe and sound with you around. It is such a fragile looking little kitty but also so very beautiful with those big blue eyes surrounded with all that gorgeous white fur. Have you chosen a name for her or him yet?

  2. Four cats that are living in my relatives home are adopted since they would be outside having a dinner meal when I would o to get them food for dinner. Three of them are from the same litter and one of them was adopted from the street when he would come to the front door.

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