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I opened a post and let me tell you what happened.

Some users are dedicating their posts to certain users whose posts are embedded in their posts.  I opened one such post and was amazed that not only did I get Virils for opening that user’s post I also got Virils for those posts that were embedded in that post.  I did not open those posts. 

This also means those users whose posts are embedded will also earn 5 Virils without anyone opening their posts. 

And what about the one who has written that post?  It is a bonanza of Virils for that user. 

  • Will this approach benefit the Site?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Grace, you have highlighted a serious ethical issue. Virily gets its income from people viewing ads on posts. That’s why the owner of the viewed post earns virils. But if they get virils without their post being viewed, this is totally unethical, because it is a ‘grab’ of unearned virils, since it does not involve an actual ad view. We can help the site (and therefore ourselves) only by promoting views of pages (and therefore ads). Earning virils without views is equal to stealing an unfair share of the profits from one’s fellow members, without increasing those profits.

  2. I didn’t know about this, but I think it doesn’t really benefit to the site as we only get exposed to the ads for one page. Well, that’s just what I think, but I’m not sure about that. Hopefully the team will notice this and confirm that it’s what they intended to do. 🙂

  3. I didn’t notice that. It is an interesting view. I don’t know if it profits Virily or they have noticed it but I think it’s acceptable since they included that feature.
    When it comes to spotlight, it isn’t discriminating some since the user who spotlights authors will do so to all active authors on the site. Anyone else is also welcome to spotlight other authors. It has helped to view old posts that I would not have read.

    • I noticed it when I had a look at my ‘virils’ page and there I found notifications for posts I had earned but I had not opened them.
      I do not think it is proper. There are two issues here. One is earning virils for viewing posts which in fact have not been viewed and second not all users are spotlighted and that is not right. This is a community and we all help each other earn.

    • There are two issues here This is a community and picking just a few and giving that treatment to my mind is not ok. Earning for something one does not work for is yet another issue that needs analysis

    • There is more to it than just this. This is a community and all do their bit to help each other earn. Then some users decide to spotlight some. In my view all need that spotlight.

      Talking about earning virils for something I have not worked at all I find it pretty odd. I open a spotlight post I do not even read it I get virils not just for that post but those embedded in there. What logic is this?

      I hope this Site will not go the Bubblews way.

      • I don’t see a problem sharing posts by other users. Many users make quality content that doesn’t always get noticed, I don’t see how that harms someone else. It gives value to a certain user, yes, but it doesn’t take anything away from you.

        If you are worried about getting virils without opening a post, you can open the post and get even.

        • This looks like a built in automatic software that is doing it and that will sure have repercussions soon.

          As I have already commented why should only a few be spotlighted? What are the criteria? Is there any rule that one has to follow?

          • I thought its a thing initiated by members to help spotlight others and bring views to their posts?

            For me, there are no criteria to be spotlighted, or maybe I’ll only spotlight people whose posts I’ve read and interest me.

            Perhaps it’s not a perfect “plan” but if enough people start spotlighting others then mostly likely much more people will be spotlighted!!

          • I agree that the bug is problematic, but I don’t agree that featuring other people’s posts is. Everyone has the right to feature whoever they want based on whichever factors they consider important. It doesn’t take away anything from others, so what’s the problem?

        • Grace’s posts covers two topics:
          1. Receiving virils one has not earned;
          2. Whether it is okay for people to get “spotlighted” or not.
          These are the topics I am commenting. I agree with her opinion on the first one and I don’t agree on the second one.

          You are the one talking about “limits” or how many posts someone posts and how many links they put in them.
          If someone opens one of your posts and you have 5 featured posts, you are gaining virils for all of them and this person “spends” up to 6 of their views on 1 post. I don’t see this being different from someone doing that on a post where a user has featured another user’s posts, the only difference is that not the author but the featured person gets the benefits.

          And yes, I got negative response when I had the intention to help other users. It is a fact. As I do right now, because I think what Carol does is very nice. It is not her fault that the site is buggy. Thanks to Grace, we already know about the problem and it’s up to admins to fix it.

          Lastly, at no point I used the word “vain”. I may not be the only one who is subjective here.

        • I did read your comments and you feel it is OK spotlighting users here. I just saw a user being spotlighted. That user has been here for 4 years with hardly any contribution which apparently means that user is not active as some of us are. Why should someone who has not contributed to the Virily Kitty be spotlighted?

          I think everyone should do their bit to help the Site survive without being projected I do not need that projection at all and I do not think you need it too You are doing extremely well on your own steam – more power to you.

          • Grace, that’s exactly the idea – for us to be able to see quality posts that for some reason have been lost in the pool of content here. Just because someone isn’t very active on the site, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve their content to be seen. And again, you have the right to skip the content that doesn’t appeal to you.

            We are not competitors here, so even if someone else gets spotlighted, the whole site receives more views and ad revenue. The less people we interact with, the sooner the site will be gone.

        • As far as I am concerned every user here should contribute and also WHAT IS A GREAT POST FOR SOME MAY NOT BE A GREAT POST FOR OTHERS. And as Norman Darlo has once again pointed out this method is not a fair approach

          Let individuals decide and do their bit. I am not in favour of spoon-feeding (lol)

          • As far as I am concerned, no one is asked to open any post against their will. Also, for some users no posts but theirs may be considered good enough. It doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t enjoy them.
            I absolutely agree that everyone should decide what to do for themselves.

        • Quality posts? Who decides that? To each their own Ellie. I may not like what you like and vice versa…………..I do not understand what this is all about.

          One of the spotlighted user has not even come to that post if nothing atleast to thank !!!

          • Didn’t you create a post in the past sharing Snezana’s content? I thought it was very kind of you to do so. The same way you thought she deserves some attention, other users make their picks. This doesn’t belittles anyone else’s work.

        • I appreciate you have a good memory Ellie. I did not open her posts but shared them with the media which has nothing to do with what we are discussing here. By doing what I did the Site benefits. By opening that post of mine no one got additional virils which happens at posts involving spotlighting, without opening them.

          Enough on this subject Ellie. Don’t you think?. I enjoy interacting with you and let’s move on. . Have a nice day Actually I have to struggle here for my views to be accepted and I know the reason. I have to accept it.

          • “Spotlighting” someone and the bug with the featured posts are two different things. There are many ways to include links in a way that doesn’t lead to earning virils without opening a post.

            Have a nice day too and best of luck!

  4. This is an interesting observation. I have opened one of those ‘spotlighting’ posts but did not click the links to the other posts. How did you know that those other posts get viril points even when the link is not clicked?

    I would sometime put a link to my old posts but don’t extra virils automatically.

      • I just did and yeah, you are right. I got some extra virils for those embedded posts. For sure it benefits the reader and perhaps the owner of those posts. As for the site itself, depending on the algorithm that they applied here, it might either help them as well or hurt them.

        I can not conclude for now.

        • Let me explain. When those posts are shared on social media as it is hardly anyone opens them and so those embedded will not be touched They need to be opened for the Site to get some benefit

          According to me the Site will be busy dishing out Virils for which users have not done any work. This is what I have observed.

          • That’s what appears on the front end… or what the readers/members would see. Normally, embedded pages would trigger a ‘hit’ and would trigger the counter once and once only per viewer. On the back-end, the system would detect that the reader has opened the pages embedded.

            Well, technically, since the pages are embedded, they are actually opened. These are pages loaded within a page.

            The question here is if Virily is also earning when these pages are loaded as embedded pages or not?

            Well, the admins review each article, perhaps, they decided that this will not hurt them at all.

          • Embedding posts have been allowed by Virily ever since. I have just embedded a youtube video on one of my polls.

            The main concern here is the effect of this on the advertisers what’s the agreement between virily and the advertisers.

            For sure, the techies and admins of Virily have already taken notice of this.

        • I agree with you The Site should look at it but as you know they never do. I tested once again. Just opened a ‘spotlight post and I earned 5 virils instead of 2.
          We users should therefore be concerned

          February 18, 2020 4:03 am 1 Virils for viewing a Pink And Passion Flower By Txatxy
          February 18, 2020 4:03 am 1 Virils for viewing a Learning With Photoshop By Txatxy
          February 18, 2020 4:03 am 1 Virils for viewing a Raptor Claws By Txatxy
          February 18, 2020 4:03 am 2 Virils for viewing Polls Spotlighting Our Members ~ Txatxy

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