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I miss bubble tea sooo much!!!

Due to the circuit breaker, some food are not available. They’re either closed or very difficult to get access to.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s and bubble tea happen to be on the list! :/ 😐

However, they’re not totally unavailable, its just that they’re kind of “limited”. Bubble tea shops are not allowed to be open, BUT bubble tea shop that sell FOOD are still allowed.

So there are still a few shops that provide bubble tea in a “combo meal” or “side drink” that are still selling bubble tea!! Well, obviously, you’ve to get food and the bubble tea must be “a side” so you can’t just order a cup of bubble tea without getting food!

Today, I dropped by one such stall and got my first bubble tea after almost 1.5 months!

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    • That’s good to know, that Spain is not struggling with food shortage!
      We don’t have food shortage too, just cutting down of non-essential to avoid crowding!

      Thanks for the reminder! I don’t always have McDonlad’s but McDonald’s is the only outlet opening in my area if we do want to have supper!

    • I’ve been out buying food more, but unfortunately we aren’t allow to dine out. Only buying food home to eat.

      McDonald’s are opened now but quite the opposite, our drivethrus are mostly closed. (I guess due to the traffic and long jams)

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