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I met him when I went for a walk -Saturday Critters

Its been raining cats and dogs, actually snails here. The grass has grown nice and tall along the roads and snails are everywhere. I met this guy when I went for a short walk. crawling from the side walk on to the road. Thankfully its mainly a walking stretch and he may be safe.

We usually see small snails here but this time around these huge guys are all over the place. There are plenty of slugs too, crawling all over the place. When it gets hot these guys disappear.

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  1. I see them quite often here in the park. I heard from my neighbors, they get these snails often in their garden too, but I don’t usually see them in my garden. I wonder what plants I am growing to keep them away.

  2. During rainy days when I went to the store along the main street in the suburbs of Riga, Latvia I walked along a wooded area with grass and trees. Along the main street all of these snails would come crawling out on the sidewalk and I knew no one would pay attention but me and they would get stepped on so there I was picking each one up carefully and placing them back into the grasses. There were even white snails.

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