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I may as well write a post on it

Questions are asked as to  how I manage to get 1000 plus virils on an average per day. Surprised that even that question is asked.  What you need is views from users here and I get those views. I mostly post polls and quizzes and you know each view I get on these posts I earn 5 virils each. 

I write posts on an average of 4 a day. And this is quite common here. Many write sometimes more than 4 posts a day   But just writing posts is not  enough. I respond to as many posts I can and are permitted.  I comment on every single response I receive on my posts and last but not the least there are users who just view and up vote my posts. Just up voting is not enough Posts have to be viewed and upvoted even if they do not comment. Just viewing is also fine but then in that case there will be no notificiation but virils would be added. 

There are however days specially week ends when this is not possible. And incidentally I am here for just six months and have been paid every single month. 

You too can get there if you do what I do.  Good Luck to you all. 

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  1. You have won me over again with your winning post on how to win with our winning hard work. 😀 😀

    I’m genuinely happy for you.And for me,– you’ve given me an incentive, practical help on learning how to do Virily blogging. I like your positivity in your posts, too. I can relate.

    Thank you, Grace!

    • I am a veteran writer but have spent just around six months here. And in those six months I have achieved a lot including being recognised as a verified user and have a rank among the top 50. Having said that doubting that I earn 1000 virils a day on an average is not something I expected.

      Thank you that you find this post helpful and I can assure you if you actively participate you will reach there too.

  2. I have been here for over 2 years but I have never managed to get 1000 viriles in one day …. I don’t think you can earn them in a fair way even though you post 4 posts a day …. you are limited unless you are you have this privilege that you have no restrictions

  3. I am very active here, but I will never reach so many viriles daily. I have been here for over 3 years but I never managed to achieve it (and there were better times). I am well below that number. I can’t force anyone to watch and comment on my posts and I don’t even intend to do that. I do it the same way you do. There are restrictions on comments and views so I don’t know how this can be achieved,

  4. Sometimes, my posts don’t get approved on time and then they suddenly get approved and published at one shot (say 2 days worth of posts) and my posts buried themselves … LOL

    Anyway, grace is very active here, hence more Virils 🙂


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