I made My Own LongSiLog

LongSiLog – is a Filipino breakfast meal. The name is a conjunction of the three components of the meal LONGganiza (or skinless chorizo), Sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg- sunny side up, or scrambled). I love eating this (quite unhealthy) meal for breakfast.

My wife and the kids stayed with my in-laws the other day so I was alone. We had some leftover rice in the fridge so I thought I’d make my own LongSiLog… for the first time!

I fried the egg first, then the longaniza. On the same pan, I sauteed some garlic with the same oil used to fry the longaniza, this will add flavor to the rice. Then I fried the rice with some salt and some seasoning (I used a ready mixed ‘Magic Sarap’). And I threw in a piece of the longaniza on the rice!

It went perfectly with a hot mug of coffee!

Next time, I’m going to make ToSiLog! (Tocino instead of longaniza).

Have a great day!

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