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I love weather stations and some old Virily posts!

One of the things I’ve been doing is wandering some of my old posts. It has been interesting to see some of the things that I posted a couple of years ago. One of the things I still talk about is home weather stations! I talked about my first post and shared that link a couple of days ago. I am going to share old posts from Virily for today because it is interesting to me. In part, you can see the many short comments that used to be allowed. The other thing with the older posts in many cases is the reality of inflated views versus comments.

One of the things that I have wandered a lot on the technology side here on Virily is home weather stations.

The concept of Micro weather or home weather stations is something I first started chasing when I lived in Indiana. I had an Oregon Scientific indoor/outdoor weather station. The system was two parts, an indoor unit, and the outdoor receptacles. The outdoor piece did wind direction: wind speed, outdoor temperature, humidity, and UV. Many years ago, my station was part of the weather underground, one of the first sharing websites for the weather. Out of that, the concept of Micro-weather has risen. What that is is a grouping of weather stations that share a common application system, and publish their weather data network permitting all day long.

Why would any care? Weather moves in directions, from the east, from the west from the north or the south. Each direction brings different types of waters. In Maryland, whether that comes from the east is likely to have a lot of moisture (east of Maryland is Delaware, but each of Delarew is the Atlantic Ocean). Weather from the south tends to be warmer, and well carry a lot of moisture. Weather form the west can bring winds. The weather from the north is cold. It is often called the Canadian clipper. Overall the what and why of weather is fun. Micro-weather lets you see real-time what is happening in the world around you. You see, the NWS (National Weather Service) in the US and EWS (European Weather service) provide weather for the world. They often have weather stations, but they are more likely to be in the center of a city.

The NWS for where I live in Maryland averages 4 to 6 degrees warmer than where I am. That makes a difference when it is cold! Do you ever go online and check the US model (if you live in Europe) or the European model (if you live in the US)?

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          • I have issues with more recent posts too. I also noticed that apart from lists, I have missing pictures in the “story” category too. Alex noticed that unlike ranked lists, pictures in classic lists have not disappeared. Very weird!

        • just to be clear they haven’t disappeared they are still on the site and you can find them. What is strange is that they are disconnected from the original post.

          If, i were looking to save monthly cost, I would remove old pictures from old posts.
          (I have to pay for less storage)

          but in this case, they disconnect them, but still, store the image. This all seems to have started after the first big changes they made nearly 2.5 years ago.

          • I know they are there, but only visible after the posts is edited, so they are still missing for the readers.

            That’s strange indeed. I think if they want to remove the photos from old posts to save space, then we should be able to delete old posts and use the content somewhere else. Currently, it looks really bad. It is probably just a bug though. I think they prermitted editing partially so we fix the posts ourselves, as they probably don’t have the time to do it.

        • once the table entry was broken and there was no longer a link, it would be really hard to fix that.

          I’ve noticed lately that about 3 years ago, all the pictures other than the cover picture are gone.
          two years ago there is a single page, with some of the images, and a next button that leads you to blank pages.

          if I got 4 months back from now, the posts are fine as is. But I changed behaviors in that time period.

          • I stopped posting lists and multiple photo posts entirely after I saw that they disappear anyway. I saw some other users’ posts from a few months ago and the photos were missing, so it seems that the problem continues. It seems that classic lists are the safe option for now, but I don’t trust them too much either.

          • I have galleries with 2-3 photos disappearing in the past, so I don’t really know if I trust those anymore. I am curious whether the edited ones will stay intact or disappear again at some point.

        • i actually think originally this was a cost-based decision.

          There are what is called tiers of storage on Amazon cloud or Microsoft cloud. The cheaper storage, however, is more of a backup system.

          My gut is they moved pictures (10 pictures 2 meg each that is 20 meg) to the cheaper storage but didn’t keep the links back tot he post.

          that way we have pictures.
          We have posts
          and neither knows about the other!

          I’ve made the same decision for applications I moved to the cloud. The reality was since I was moving, I could create the connections to the cheaper storage.

  1. It is funny last year the Kenya Meteorological department said the reason why it had started Kate last year was because it was stuck in Tanzania. It raised mixed feelings between the two countries mostly funny ones.

  2. I rather not dig up my first few posts … LOL
    interesting things about temp diff from yours and the “official”…
    we usually just listen to the news for temperature…
    but we don’t really need to… sometimes, we just feel the different!


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