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I have a question for you all!

It seems that we have abused the Polls category which brings more virile earnings, both for the author and for those who view it, so it seems that admins have taken action. I don’t know if this is happening in your case either, but  I noticed that for viewing the polls of other authors I receive only one viril, and if someone views my Polls I receive 3 virils.

I have a request for you all!

  • Can you check if this also happens to you? Thank you!

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. i had noticed that i suspect it is a level playing field now for all posts. It doesn’t make polls or quizzes more important.

    They are trying I suspect to reduce the overall impact of users.

    i suspect the lack of communication is more frustrating than anything. They can change anything they want, just telling us first would be nice.

  2. I do not pay attention to virilys I just write but there is one user Tasartandcraft who explains all that happens in Virily and it says that everything values less in Virily now. Polls are the best way to write something. I like to ask questions.

  3. Quizzes as well as polls, Ileana. But it is important to remember that reduction from 5 to 3 virils for view of a poll or quiz is only a relative adjustment in proportion to earnings from other activities. In the end, there is a finite amount of revenue to be divided among users. Even if we got ten times as many virils for every activity, it would not mean we would earn more money!

          • you didn’t read my post as i have just published it and only 1 person who also commented it opened it! no one else opened it except her…
            when you read it you will understand the reason for this reduction as well

          • Well, if you read it you would also know why you didn’t receive a Viril for that view too… I am receiving Virils for all the views of it I am getting now… But it could be because you didn’t get it too…

            But I’ll tell you and explain you more further as you constantly say you “already know about everything I write” while it seems you don’t, as obviously often missing the point and some info I’m writing in my articles about…….:
            All the limits are reduced obviously because of the low value therefore these points are reduced as well…! There was no “abuse” you all constantly like to name as the reason for everything here……… It’s interesting you all (or some of you) see things that way here too…

        • I didn’t receive virils because I exceeded the limit of 50 viewed posts. I don ‘care if you believe me or not that I saw your post!
          And by the way, you are not the only one who observes the changes, but you are the only one who always repeats them!

          • I actually corrected myself and already said that is possible due to the same reason you now wrote and I politely asked you to check something with me to be sure because I didn’t get it too – the only point was to learn how things work now but thank you for being that “wonderful” lady and thinking that way about me…

            I will certainly not justify why some of the info is repeated in my posts, it takes a lot of intelligence and kindness to be aware of some of the things you are obviously not aware of nor are kind enough to understand the same way you don’t understand some of the info I’m sharing in them – you showed that with your comments by not paying attention to the actual point of my posts…

            Therefore, yes, I am actually one of the rare ones who do notice some things you obviously didn’t notice nor understand, I will repeat, you showed that with your comments to certain things…

            Thank you for your appreciation of my rewards and loyalty towards you, from now on you will certainly not get ANY……….!

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