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I am Upset – No virily point against referring visitors

Hello all Virilian : I am experiencing no virily point against referring visitor through social media since past two weeks , previously i was getting properly virily point against referring visitors through social media.

A week ago :  Case study : Post showing views are increasing but no virily point notification receiving.

Since 20th April : Thousand of people visiting my post through social media , neither virily consider it as a view neither any virily point i received. I have sent complaint many time to virily editor but i could not get any response from virily.

Can some body help how to resolve this case or virily has decided not to give point against referring visitor ?Finally i thought to share this case with you and i might get help from some one to solve this matter.

  • Are you facing the same case ?

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  • Are you getting virily point for referring visitor through social media ?

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    • No

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  1. if you meant “guest views” they are removed long ago, if you meant “referring a visitor” I’m not sure about them since I’m not sharing my articles but I did share 2 of them last week and haven’t received such notifications…
    I answered you about the views issue in one of Doc’s posts where you commented about it, you should have received a notification about it so check it out…

      • That slogan is made much before those points were disabled and you must ask someone else why they were disabled… Maybe it was because maybe some members were earning a lot of fake points on that or maybe not… I hear there were some other reasons too…

        And did you read what I wrote you in those comments I mentioned…..?

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