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I am not sure if all users know what Virily is all about

I just want to share my experience and may be that will help some users here.  Ofcourse each user does what pleases them and that is fine.

For me Virily is to exchange information, have a nice chat, with users who are ready for a chat. When we post, we earn, when we chat and that is comment, we earn.  Very rarely will I just view and move on. I respond to what I read mostly. As you know just by  viewing also one earns

I have seen some users who just view and earn.  They do not post their own work, do not come for a nice chat and I notice they  take about two or more years to get their first 10 dollars. I joined Virily on July 3 2019 and got my first payment of 16 plus dollars.  Compare 28 days with  730 days to get that amount or even less.

  Hope this post will help those who want to earn fast.  Best wishes.

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Written by grace


    • This is how I go about. I first take care of all notifications I receive If there are responses I comment on them and also comment on comments.
      I then go to trending posts where you will find users whose posts are popular. I make a note of these users and go for their posts.
      Then I go for the latest posts and respond to them regardless of whether I know them or not. That for me is not important.
      I obviously will see how I have fared.
      I also go to archives and respond to posts that interest. I am interested in quizzes and I have responded to many archived quizzes.
      I will create posts and place them in the drafts section and release them as and when my pending foldeer gets empty.

      I am here for around 75 days and my virils are 47,000

  1. I like to write, share and learn from others. I also like to interact or chat with others. It’s just that I can’t or shouldn’t dedicate much time here as I have other offline duties which I should work on. I used to participate in forums which I didn’t get paid as I still worked in office and got my fixed income. Nowadays as I am a stay-at-home mom and we are single-income family, it’d be nice for me to earn a little bit extra to help me purchase some homeschooling resources or books online. So I am thankful for having found Virily where I can do what I enjoy doing and also earn a little bit extra.


    So perhaps all will stop being puzzled by my erratic participation on Virily. As things stand, I do what I can, when I can, because my health is not what it once was and while many folks older than my 68 years are a whole lot fitter than I, I really had more than a fair share of crazy situations, (not complaining, no ma’am) To some people it’s a pain to participate and to others, (me) I have no tactile feeling in my hands, (sometimes I literally cannot pick up the mouse) and also in legs, sorry, I meant leg, the other one was cut off many years ago. Some days, I can use a knife and fork, to eat with but mostly, it’s a spoon, I’m here on Virily for the great company and yes, also for the money. I know I could bring in more cash if I did more, but, Grace, as you can see, my time is very limited between good days and not too good. I have a really remarkable body, one which has withstood, 3 serious car crashes, 2 bullet wounds, tropical malaria, emphysema, diabetes, blindness, my service to country left me with a serving of shrapnel from an exploding grenade a few near brushes with death by human, snake, and shark, so yeah, Today, I finally went public, I’m possibly the biggest liar you have ever heard of, or , it may just all be true.

    • Oh no!! Please right at the start I did say everyone does what suits them and it is fine and that incnludes me as well.

      This post was more for those who wanted to earn but did not approach it the way they should.

      I am sorry to know about your limitations. But please do come as much as you can as you write well.

  3. Quite frankly, I’m not here to make money, my dear friend … I met some wonderful friends here and this is my biggest pay ….. I love to chat if I make money and I’m fine … $ 10 really doesn’t mean much to me

    • I think that applies to many here but there are some who want to earn but do not approach it the right way.

      It may not be big money but it sure is an impetus to be here

  4. I try to leave a comment on every post I view because I know it will make the author happy (because I get happy when people respond to mine too) plus I earn from that activity. Its a win-win for everyone. Lol

  5. When I got my first payment some years ago it took me 2 months. You are doing great..
    My attendance is sporadic – that’s partly my life. I am sometimes away from computers for 10 months at a time and stuff.
    There are some disincentives for me to post some things of mine. One is that they can’t be seen much. Like when museums have your art it gets stuck in a basement or warehouse and no one ever sees it. The mausoleum of art where art goes to die. I like people to see stuff so some things I put elsewhere. It’s a little inaccessible here by comparison.
    I have a new abstract photography series that has been getting noticed at another place. Need to be there to help that. (less posting here) I am sporadic I guess.
    Congratulations! You’re kicking bottom!