I am glad i stayed positive

During this pandemic, I decided to stay positive. Avoiding the news about Covid19 virus made me feel no fear and no worry. I really rarely read any news. I often hear news from other people who are more informed.

Positivity is important to me. I’m glad to keep myself out of stress by avoiding the news of this virus. Stress and fear are definitely not good. That’s not good for immunity. There is nothing to worry about. I try to look at the wider picture. I don’t think the virus is as dangerous as it is in the newspapers. I don’t trust the media. A person who is not in a positive mood can endanger health. Stress and fear threaten virus free health. So I decided to spend my time on useful things during this lockdown. Every productive day is a great success. I think we don’t have time for wasting.

Positivity is always good. It is healthy and it is not stressful.

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