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I Am Doing Fine ~ Wednesday Shadows

Over the past few days, people who have met me often say hello or ask, “Why do you look different?”, Or “Are you okay?”, Or “It seems you are quieter”, and so on. Of course, I always answer with “I’m fine” because indeed I’m really fine.

The question often appears during Eid when I visit relatives, colleagues, and friends, even today. Usually, with a smile, I answer the question while making a symbol with my fingers that you must have known.

The symbol is also a popular gesture to describe one of the animals when we play with light and shadow.

  • Are you a person who easily recognizes or feels changes in others?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Thank you for your attention and support, Ta. I am really fine even though I also had to admit that there was an important change in my life once again.
    I am not sure that I can count the number of times I have changed throughout my life, whether that is only in one aspect or several aspects at a time, but I think it is good because it is the result of learning from existing experiences and conditions.

  2. I am a sensitive person that feels too much too easily, but I also believe that is why I have compassion for others. I can honestly say if I would not have gone through some hard trials I many not be the sensitive person I am today. Awesome post Albert!

    • Thank you so much, LaJenna.

      I think one thing that is different about us in this context is a matter of terms. I do not use the term trial but a lesson, and it has changed me several times, and lately once again, to the most important aspects of myself in seeing and responding to life.

  3. Sometimes it pays to be in tune with what others peoples emotions, but they are not always easy to read due to different cultures and life it pays to ask and not assume.
    However, there are times I am OK but quiet because I am thinking over events or ideas ….

    • Life is indeed giving heavy lessons in the last three weeks, but there are also some miraculous events that I am very grateful for, and above all, there is a part of my mind that is still able to maintain peace inside so that overall I feel fine. That’s all, dear friend. However, your sympathy and concern are greatly appreciated. Thank youu…

  4. We do not know much about it … and it’s just over the computer that I feel you’re not okay even though you say that you’re okay … I hope you’ll soon be old Albert …. I mean you, dear Albert


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