Humans and animals

Animals make the environment and so do humans. Why did I mention these 2 subjects ?. Today I’m going to talk about the behavioral behavior of animals. Besides the things that people apply, I want to bring another message that are the qualities of animals that humans should have. Animals are sometimes very nice, they have a selfless behavior which is my favorite. Animals, when they are the first or the father, the mother protects her or her children from danger in every way. This I greatly admire. And I want people to live more for each other, this world seems so insensitive. I don’t see too much warmth, tolerance, altruism. Amidst the whirling life with so much envy and jealousy, I returned to peace. There, I forgot everything

in life, read a book and enjoy a cup of bitter tea. What do I mean? If we love humans, let us love those animals too. Limit your hunting, let them lead a peaceful life, reduce your meat intake, increase your vegetable intake, … Stay healthy, okay!

  • Does your meal often have meat?

    • Yes
    • No


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