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Huawei to Launch 6G Service in 2030

Bijing : Huawei mobile company, has begun work on the Internet Speed 6G and start Technology Investigation at R&D Center in Ottawa.

Huawei, along with 13 universities and research institutes in Ottawa, began researching 6G technology at the R&D Center. According to a company spokesperson, this  is just start because 6G technology will not be available on a commercial basis before 2030.

Technology experts believe that Huawei is working with other companies on 6G networks and new applications to get the most out of Google’s Android system.

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  1. Most telecommunications companies have been working on 6g already. The relevance of anyone starting a research center is small.

    The standard for 5g is set. The standard for 6g is still in development.

    Most analysts believe that 2025 is the earliest date for global 5g. Many companies will begin upgrading some areas to 6g in 2025.

  2. I’m using 4G. It will take years before we receive 5G upgrade.
    If 5G presents some problems, I’m wondering what about 6G. Problems related to the negative effects it will have on people though it is positive in that we can access Internet at close to the speed of lightning (though we’re far away from it).

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