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How to successfully remove scales of the skin and scalp.

Robin Biznis November 30.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

The cause of dandruff is the Malassezia fungus formerly known as Pityrosporum, which speeds up the process of skin renewal leading to flakes, redness, and itching.Dandruff is a big problem for people who have this aesthetic problem.To keep dandruff under control, it is recommended to use dandruff shampoo.However, you can also try this tip.You need to rub warm coconut oil on the topics of the head before going to bed.In the morning, rub the juice of 1 smaller Lemon in the same place.After half an hour, wash your hair with dandruff shampoo.You can also rinse your nettle tea.I think it is desirable and good. Nettle can be fresh or dried, bought as tea.What happens?Coconut oil kills fungi and lemon juice removes dead cells from your head and reduces itching.A nettle break strengthens the root of the hair.Whoever persists will be surprised by the positive results.You do not need to spend money on expensive cosmetics.

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