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How to raise low blood pressure?

Today, my post will be a little different. We have a saying. More heads know more. So I decided to share one of my problems with my friends. I have low blood pressure. So far, this problem has not been of particular concern to me. But recently, my doctor found that my heart was not working properly (atrial fibrillation and undulation). I got medicines and I am waiting for a specialist examination. My problem is that the drugs lower my blood pressure so that I occasionally have very low and difficult to function normally.  So now in various ways, I am looking for tips on how to help myself. I do not know, maybe with some kind of home remedy or some other thing. I’ve been browsing a lot of websites but I have not found anything yet. Maybe one of you, dear friends, what kind of advice or similar experience. THANK YOU.

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  1. Very beautiful flower and photo!…

    I’m sorry that happening to you, I don’t know what could be the best to help but I would suggest acupressure as a natural thing, also some people getting to your nerves and annoying you could help, hehehe ;/p) Just kidding of course…

  2. I have no medical condition but sometimes have low blood pressure in summer. I know licorice raises the blood pressure, in fact it is not advised for those who have it high, but I don’t like licorice. If you do and are allowed to take it, that might help a little. 🙂

  3. I am sorry to hear that! I have low blood pressure too, especially when the weather is hot. You already have some good tips from the other comments, but discuss them with your doctor first. I personally think that coffe helps me, as well as drinking enough water, eating regularly and having moderate but regular phisical activity. I hope everything is well soon!

  4. Ohh, soon I will be an expert in it, as my wife has this problem, and once, her blood pressure dropped down to a critical point. We called the ambulance and here what doctors said:
    1) Avoid hot baths, better opt for fast cold showers;
    2) If you feel that your blood pressure is low, lay down onto the sofa, raise your legs up and put your head down (almost near the floor, out of the sofa);
    3) Drink a very sweet hot cup of black tea;
    4) Take a calming pill if you are a bit nervous;
    5) Do not measure your pressure every 5 minutes, it should be checked not more often than once in 30 minutes;
    6) Get fresh air daily and do moderate physical activity, without sharp moves.
    And, of course, regularly visit your doctor. Get well soon!

  5. I also experienced having low blood pressure and one of the common advice I received is to have enough sleep and water and take Ferrous Sulfate. But of course, taking advice from your doctor is the best thing to do.

  6. These things come to us in one way or the other. My sister has serious heart problems and has an electronic pacemaker plus 2 heart valve replacements..
    She was told they are leaking and lives on borrowed time..

    I am not a Doctor or God, but I send healing thoughts your way……

    I also did an extensive study on the structure of the heart and the diseases of it, which are quite a few…The actual physical healing is left to specialist heart surgeons.

  7. Meds can often do the opposite of what they should. We are all different which makes it hard to give you any advice. I hope you and your doctor can figure out a good natural way to help your problem.

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