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How to Raise $1,500 Really Fast?

So…I need to raise $2, 000 dollars really fast. This money is to be used to purchase a mini van for my business.

I make dresses for little girls as well as beddings.

My plan is getting this van so I can showcase my products in places that have really strong traffic.

Last year, I borrowed my brother’s car for movement and was able to make a lot of sales, but he’s relocated so can’t get access to the car.

I have about 25% of the cash saved, which means I need about ,$1600 dollars or more left.

Is there a legitimate way to raise quick cash online or offline. What methods have you tried that worked for you?

Please share.

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  1. Have you solved your problem already? How did you solve it?

    I have no idea how I can raise that much of money fast without borrowing money from others. Do you have any relatives or friends who can lend you the money first, then after the showcases, you’ll return the money to them. Otherwise, perhaps you can consider hire or call someone to send you to the places that you will showcase your products. If I really need to raise $1500, I think I will look for freelance projects and hopefully I will be able to get some and earn that amount of money, though I don’t think it’ll be really quick.

  2. In our country, getting a loan from a bank is very advantageous. I always used that variant. Other ways I don’t trust, there are too many scammers today (even online)

    • I usually do not part with any money; that has been my motto and it has saved me tons.

      If someone is offering to help me but requires me to pay a certain amount beforehand, then my scam radar is activated and I avoid such people.