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How to get out of the comfort zone?

In life, we all once find ourselves in a comfort zone where we remain and not develop further, even though we are able to do so much more with our lives. The funny thing is, the comfort zone isn’t really that comfortable at all. It is calm and safe at first glance. Over time, you will become bored, you will feel emptiness, you will become depressed and dissatisfied with yourself. Do you really want this? Instead of a comfort zone, you should call it a familiar area that you are afraid to step out of. But if you want to do something for yourself in life, you have to. Here are some steps to help you get back to life.

1. Change your habits

Even a small change can make a miracle. Instead of going the usual route, go to work for a longer time, or head to another store for purchases.

2. Learn to say the word ‘NO’

You can’t please everyone. Learn to reject things you don’t like to do.

3. Stop expecting

Do you always anticipate how things will turn out? Don’t do this, just wait for the end result.

4. Face your fears

We carry unrealistic fears within ourselves that we retreat to, pushing them deeper into ourselves. Face one of your fears every month. When you overcome everything, you will feel that true freedom.

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  1. I like it when I’m in my comfort zone. Not for ling, anyway. In here, it helps me think things through finding the best possible solution to a certain problem, ways to benefit me and my loved ones and our future. Then I come out in my own time, resolved in my decision.

    Thank you for this post.

  2. I am trying very hard to change the fact that I love being in my quiet little apartment and just working on my PC. When there are days I have to go out they are worry days because I am leaving my cubby hole. I will try to get myself out at least twice a week and then things should get better.


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