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How To Find Your Niche

So, you have fallen down the proverbial “Rabit-hole, metaphorically speaking. No, I’m not advocating a Lewis Carol styled escape, but, I suppose, I should explain the Mole’s tea-party, with a twist. Here goes, Virily is forging ahead in Leaps-N-Bounds dead-set on making the site, the go-to page for up-coming writers. Should admin’s actions, not also transcribe to Virily’s existing writers? 

If so, while most, if not all the writers, have studied some form of marketing,  and realize, the importance of finding your niche and to know your audience, where they hang out. which will enable readers, to find out exactly what you’re offering them, that’s unique.

But what if you DON’T know who your audience is… or don’t know what to write about… or don’t know what book title/cover/description people will respond to?

All of these situations are based on uncertainty. Here’s a metaphor that can help. Imagine you’re walking along a path. Then… BAM!

You wake up. You have no idea where you’re at. You’re in total darkness and you cannot see a thing. So what do you do?

* Do you sit there and meditate for hours hoping to magically discover how to get out? #Or do you stick out your arm? Feel around?.

You decide to stick out your arm and it hits a stone wall in front of you. That’s when you remember…

You had fallen down a winding Rabbit-hole and got knocked unconscious. Now you’re in an underground cave. So again… what do you do?

If you’re like me, you keep feeling around until…You realize behind you is an opening. You walk through this cave. Then you hit another wall in front of you. You feel around… and realize you can either go left or right.

What do you do?

Does it really matter? You’d just have to pick any side and see where it takes you, right? If it’s a dead-end, then backtrack and try the other side. Taking this approach, you finally get your way out of the cave. 

So what’s the point of this metaphor? Sometimes we’re in darkness. We can’t SEE where we need to go. And you can’t THINK your way out of it. Instead, you gotta put out ‘feelers’ and get feedback. You gotta use ACTION. Try things. If something’s not working, try something else.

It’s the same in business (and life). As an author, your ‘feelers’ might be a small piece of Virily content. An article. A short story. Perhaps even, A Facebook post.

You keep putting out your metaphorical arms/feelers until you find something that resonates with people. Then you know you’ve found an opening you can explore deeper.

I won’t spell out exactly what this means at this moment because this process is meant to activate your own creativity. Just remember being lost and uncertain is okay. Even when you’re in total darkness, you can still find your way out.

The key it is… you gotta act! 

So what’s one action you can take right now that will give you even more clarity? Identify it, research about it and start writing about it. 

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