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How to be happy and make money at Virily

This is for newcomers.   I cannot call them newbies as we all are newbies here and that’s what Admin wants us to be – never mind -as long as we are paid

Virily is one of the easiest Sites I have come across when it comes to writing.  Earning is easy too.  And most important of all one can really enjoy this Site keeping a few things in mind

–  Write interesting posts with eye-catching images

–  Comment and respond to users’ posts

– If you are pressed for time you can just open and view posts – you earn that way to

– You can also view and upvote

–  Pay attention to ‘latest’ and most commented

–  Click on ‘Users’ and check their profiles. 

– Do not get into unpleasant interactions – that you can do in your real life.?

– Stay away from egoists – they are always right. You will smell them as you go along. 

– Activity is the name of the game.  If you want to earn you must be active. 

I joined on 3rd July 2019 and have earned EVERY SINGLE MONTH 

Good luck and happy interaction. 


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    • In real life one cannot avoid interactions as you cannot get rid of them but in a virtual world there is no reason why one should stick to them. I am doing it all the time.

      Yes. Sharing is important. I am doing it and it slipped my mind. Thank you.


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