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How reasonable it is to put flowers inside the house

Fresh flowers are considered an excellent home decoration accessory, helping to bring home spaces more lively, fresher, and more colorful. However, if you know how to use fresh flowers in combination with feng shui, you will own all of the above.

According to Chinese feng shui, fresh flowers always create vitality. The more fresh flowers in the house, the better the vitality is. Fresh flowers with sweet and warm colors will make the mood more pleasant.

Flower arrangement in the home also works very well for health and harmony in the family. However, when flowers begin to fade, they must be replaced immediately, so long time will ruin the atmosphere in the family. Orchids grown with porcelain pots bring the most vitality but need special care.

The vase in the door separating the two rooms will help you to stop a moment to change your existing mood to integrate with a new space.

The dining room is a private place of family reunion, so it is decorated with playful flowers, light aroma meaning happiness such as roses, orchids, lily, daisies.

Do not distill the flowers with melancholy meaning or gloomy colors causing indigestion, anorexia, tedious family atmosphere.

Flower arrangement in the living room should have a wide open view without being confined, restrictive, and not cause monotonous boredom: lilies, lilies, carnations. These types of sunflowers, peonies, gentle orchid rolls are suitable for children ‘s classrooms.

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