How do You Like Your Spinach

I think most of us are aware about Spinach and its benefits and some of us like to have it as well. Its pretty good for us and have the required Iron to make us feel good about ourselves and we are aware how Popeye used to get instant energy by having Spinach. And it can be made in a number of ways.

So how you like your spinach? 

  • Question of

    Spinach raw Vs Spinach Juice

    • Spinach raw
    • Spinach Juice
  • Question of

    Spinach With Cheese Vs Spinach With Potatoes

    • Spinach With Cheese
    • Spinach With Potatoes
  • Question of

    Spinach With chick Peas Vs Spinach with Meat balls

    • Spinach With chick Peas
    • Spinach with Meat balls


What do you think?



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