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How can I improve the views for my posts!!!!!

Topic 3 from my post of a couple of days ago was how can I improve the views of my posts. I will list a few of the options that I know work, and from there, you can figure out if they work for you. Nobody has to do anything on either list. We do what we can do and what we are comfortable with!

  1. Share on social media
    1. Mix
    2. Facebook
    3. Tumblr
    4. Pinterest
    5. Twitter
    6. LinkedIn
    7. MeWe
    8. Others
  2. Read and comment on posts.
  3. Search Engine Optimization

So for number one, the important thing is to watch your social media to see which one drives the most views. I split my testing/sharing into two categories. I know, for example, that when I share my posts, I get more responses from Twitter than I do from Facebook. That is to be expected. I find I do generate more views for jobs that are older on Facebook than I do from twitter.  I pick an author every week and read their ten most past posts and share them. I find that if I share older posts of mine or others, I get more reaction from Facebook. New jobs get more results (mine and others) on twitter. I do see some traffic from the other social media sites. I don’t often share Virily posts on Linkedin.

Reading and commenting is valuable. A lot of readers upvote posts, not saying it doesn’t complete the circuit. There are the commenters that don’t read posts; those don’t help. But when someone takes the time to understand your position and leave a particular comment. It begins the conversation between the author and the commenter. Some of those conversations are things I reassure more than anything.

Finally, I’ve covered this one many times, SEO or Search Engine Optimization. What does SEO mean? Well, it is a three-part system. The first part is the ads (the amazing or shopping ads) on the site. The SEO is the AdSense engine searching the post and matching products if it applies. The second part is your title for your article. The final section is the first two to three sentences in your post that the search engine returns.

Doing one of these three will get you more views. Starting conversations in comments with people will drive your pictures faster than anything other than sharing. Watch for commenters that responded to comments multiple times. Those are the people that are providing the most value (not commenting numerous times in one visit to gain virils for themselves, instead comment, you reply, they say again). My favorite comments are the ones that either combine multiple posts (shared memory) or great civil discourse on a topic or issue!

Any one of these three helps you. All three or any two will help you!

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    Have you noticed people who comment without reading?

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    Have you noticed people that don’t reply to comments on their posts?

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    Do you notice who comments, replies and comments again on your posts?

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    Do you consider SEO when you make titles?

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    Let’s have a great day, ok!


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