How about biking every day?

We are given a taste of what life would be if there will be no vehicles on the road. The current lockdown situation has restricted public transportation and most people are in their homes. Roads are free of the smoke belching buses and trucks. Cars are very limited since there is nowhere to go because malls are closed and other establishments are not operating except for the supermarket and pharmacy. Even restaurants are closed.

One congressman is going to revive the proposal of the car-less day. That is to lessen the air pollution. I agree that motor vehicles are the primary contributors of smoke that creates the smog. For 2 weeks now there are very few vehicles on the road and the air is noticeable, that it is cleaner. So why not use the bike instead of the car?

  • Do you ride the bike to work?

    • Yes


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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