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Hot Weather, High Humidity, and Pregnancy are the Bad Combo

Born and grew up in a tropical country already trained me to handle the hot weather. To be honest I rather choose sunlight instead of rain and cold weather.

However, for the past two months, the temperature is incredibly hot in my place. On the average daily temperature here around 29-32C and the humidity is really high (above 70%). Those two already make you feel that you are living inside the sauna.

And things even worse for me because currently, I’m pregnant and hot weather and high humidity is not getting along with pregnancy. I’m drenched in sweat every day even at night. Although I already wear a sleeveless dress, I still can’t survive the day without standing in front of a fan or turn on the air-con.

I also need to change my clothes four or five times a day because it’s soaked with sweat after a couple of hours. I sometimes need to take a shower in the middle of the day because I can’t handle the weather.

I’m not the type of person that easily getting sweat because of the weather. My tolerance is quite high. I also understand that it’s common for a pregnant woman to easily getting sweats, especially in the last trimester. But this current weather is driving me crazy because it’s really uncomfortable and it makes my mind not able to work properly. I’m not able to do one thing for too long because I will start to drench in sweat and I easily get tired because the fluid keeps streaming off outside my body.

The only thing I can do now is to keep hydrating myself by drinking more water and just hope the weather will be a little bit cooling down next month.

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  1. I handle the hot weather very well. I live in Spain and in summer we have a extreme hot weather but It does not bother me. But I guess being pregnant and having a extreme hot weather must be hard. Climate change is destroying the planet, soon there will be not winter anymore.


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