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Hosta ~ Nature Tuesday

Sharing a Hosta photo with the Nature Tuesday challenge from my garden. They are another favorite of mine. I have two types, variegated and plain. I like them all. This one is not variegated but it still has two shades of green, making it sort of cool. The variegated adds a little more than just green to the plant. 

I cut them all back at the end of the season, then they return in the spring. My kind of plant. Low maintenance.

We are having nice weather this week, but more frost returns next week. Crazy weather.


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    Having up and down roller coaster weather in your world?

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    • No
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    The change in temperatures are why you should always wait until after April 15th to plant, agree?

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    • No


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. We have a similar weather … sunny, helpless, kids, cold … everything you want … now I started slowly digging in the garden planting, and surely I will not be before April 15

  2. So that is the name of that beautiful plant. I have seen a lot of these here and around as they to grow just about anywhere. Thank you for letting us know the name… Here the weather is still trying to hold to winter with low below teens but still above zero (centigrade that is). But that is OK with me as I am almost dreading summer as our last one was so humid it was unbearable. Thank God I do not suffer from asthma like poor Pamela because I would be screaming my head off. Beautiful picture of a gorgeous and simple looking plant and on top with low maintenance. I will have to remember that name…

    • Yes, and they come in many varieties, I love them all. We are still getting cold mornings in the 30s F but warmer days. Eventually we will have spring weather. I feel for Pam and her asthma. I watched my Mom suffer for years. We moved to Arizona at one point at the direction of her doctor since the air seems better there. You should plant these, they are great plants. Thank you again for your comment.

  3. Well, this has been supposed to be officially autumn but the humidity and the heat has made our weather hard to live with. When it gets really bad I turn on our heat pump to suck the moisture out of the air so I can breathe for about 2 months its been like breathing in warm water.The weather is beginning to change.
    That bad weather put me into hospital 2 years ago and I nearly died.
    I have asthma, but then it was partly my fault for believing a health freak who told me that my asthma medication was rotting my lungs.
    So I take asthma medication every day and the asthma nurse explained asthma nicely to me.

    Even though I had asthma, before that no one told me what asthma was.
    I am not a bad asthmatic, just very mild.

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