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Hi All and Some New Virily and Non-Virily Info! ;)

Just stopped by to say hi…

As some of you probably already know I was suspended for a month, then I was away and still am… Actually, that suspension came at the right time when I was preparing to take a break, due to the stress I was feeling here and due to the many obligations I have…

I received a lot of notifications during that time which I finally answered yesterday and today and I want to thank all who were visiting my articles during that time…! I only felt bad (/sorry) I couldn’t talk to the people who I had nice relationships with here and let them know why I was away…

When my suspension was over I visited all of your Polls and Quizzes and some of the (“regular”) Posts I missed but since I’m currently not able to be regularly active I will visit the other ones later, when able or when I start being more active…

Also, during this time I found another (possibly better) site which I found out about earlier from one other user here so when I was suspended I went there to see what it is about… It is a cryptocurrency site, still in Beta, working on not being an exchanging site (making payments easier and more direct) and with much more users I think… It works similar to Virily although there is a “small” difference – voting on articles and comments earns too, both to the voter and the author of the text, so the more upvotes better the earnings and the opposite – the more downvotes lesser the earnings (this is referred only to the earnings of the author’s post), which is actually making the platform less toxic in a way disabling bad content and language that way which is making the site more relaxed and not that personal in a way although it has some other disadvantages…

I also checked some things I wrote about here earlier, like in Some Virily Practices – Opening Posts – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Opening Posts – Tips for Earning More, where I wrote about different limits when opening posts and wasn’t sure how the “gathered limit” is calculated so now I checked and the counting when opening Polls, Quizzes and “regular” Posts at the same time (more or only Polls and Quizzes) is in the Number of POSTS not Virils so if you are opening ONLY Polls and Quizzes (and other more earning posts) you will be able to open the same number of them as if you were opening “regular” Posts too (/first) even though the points (Virils) are different for them, which means you will be able to open 200 of Polls and Quizzes (the daily limit for “regular” Posts is 100 and 100 for Polls and Quizzes) and earn more Virils (200 x 2 Virils = 400 Virils) than if you were opening “regular” Posts first and then Polls and Quizzes ((100 x 1 Viril) + (100 x 2 Virils) = 300 Virils), or all of them at the same time, a day…

I also wrote about the similar thing when Commenting your own and other people’s posts in Some Virily Practices – Commenting – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Commenting – Tips for Earning More but now I’m not sure if it’s still like I described there since yesterday, when I was answering all comments all at once, it seemed like that order could be changed now like those two limits are separated now and not affecting each other the way I described in my article but since I’m not that sure about it I will let you know when I check that out…

I was also browsing (opening) some of the Polls yesterday and noticed some posts about Virily and people not being satisfied here and I must say I agree with some of them…

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  1. Welcome back. I didn’t know you were suspended. I missed you. When everything is too much, one really has to take a little break. Then we look at things a little differently. I hope you stop here as many times as possible 😊

  2. Welcome back, “stranger”. 😋
    The other site was not seen as a competitor then, as you got this post approved. Well, it probably helped you didn’t give its name away. 😄
    I haven’t seen posts about Virily on Virily in a while. I missed yours, though they’re likely to be those you enjoy the least, but we can’t deny they’re the most popular.
    Looking forward your studies about the comments. 🤓

    • Hahaha, hi…! 😀
      Yes, I was worried a little bit about it but since referral links are allowed here as well as some other similar things and generally almost everything is allowed I thought it should be ok… I believe even giving the name wouldn’t mind…
      Hehehe, yes, I bumped into a couple of them while browsing… Thanks, that is very nice of you and glad you think so…!!! :)) I actually didn’t think they are that popular since some people support my art posts more but somehow I think the Viirly ones get the most attention… 😉
      Oh, why comments, which ones…? 🙂

      • That’s a great plan! I’m taking a long break from posting but I’ll definitely stick around reading and commenting. 😊
        Comments, I was referring to the most profitable way to comment you mentioned in the post, whether those you write on your posts are included or separated by those you write elsewhere. 😅

        • Great, I’m here now but I’m not sure when I’ll be more active… Just posted this one to say hi after I answered all the notifs, thought I should do that because of the members who care or are wondering about me…
          Oh, yes!, sorry………! I totally forgot I wrote about that too, hahaha…! 😀 I’m kinda “absent” in my mind, not quite focused, not quite came back so…, hahaha……… ;D I hope I will manage to figure that out, that is only possible when you have a lot of comments and currently I don’t have any… 😀 But maybe if I start posting more there will be a way, hehehe…! ;D

  3. I’ve no idea! I thought you’re busy with life! Anyway, glad to have you back here! 😀

    I don’t remember any major changes … I guess the “old” problems are still there … Quizzes and Polls got slightly easier to create … :p

  4. I didn’t know you were suspended, I know that you wanted to take a break…but I was still away myself. Glad to see your post.

    Curious about the other site….I have been on a few that deal with cryptocurrencies and just wondered if it is one of those!

    • Yes, I was because of my bad language with one user who I unfortunately had conflicts with for a long time… 😐 I also wanted to take a break… Didn’t know you were away, I saw a couple of your posts but glad you are still posting…! 😉 Thanks! I’m not quite back, just stopped by to say hi and answer some comments, could be I will stop by every now and then, not sure when I will be active and in which quantities…

      Wow, didn’t know you are interested in them… 🙂 It’s

  5. I didn’t know you were suspended. I was wondering why you suddenly stopped writing posts, and guessed perhaps you were busy with other stuff.

    I really appreciate your observations and sharing with us how to work better at Virily. I just recently returned to Virily, and didn’t know much of the old and long time issues. I hope the new site you found works well for you and perhaps you can share with us in future, though I am more interested in PayPal than cryptocurrency. 🙂

    • Hey Kaka, thanks very much for your kind words…! Yes, I was suspended because of my bad language with one user who I had conflicts with for some time…

      Thanks much for your appreciation of my efforts! Yes, there are some of them… :/
      Thanks! Yes, I wasn’t active there that much too and there are still many things to get to know and the site is still in development but my experience there was good and bad at the same time… Of course, there is no problem sharing about it with you later.. Yes, me too, but they said they are working on making payments more direct and that is what I’m hoping for too since I’m completely unfamiliar with all that crypto stuff… :/|

    • Ohhh, thanks so much, very nice of you, and thanks! 🙂 I think I will come here at some point, I’m currently not able to be active that much but could be I’ll stop by every now and then until I start being more active…! 😉

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Yes, I was, for a bad language with one user who I unfortunately had conflicts with for a long time… :/(
      Yes, I noticed so many old problems are still here and it is so annoying… I don’t know why and how it’s that hard and takes so long for the admins to fix those things, especially that one of the staff told me “they have big plans for the site”…?!? 😐 Either they are having some problems fixing those things either they are not planning to fix them at all since they are not answering about those things at all and for a long time…
      When it comes to the communication with them I do get answers (not all the time but sometimes) or at least I see they do actions I asked them to do without answering me. I was also said it’s about priorities…

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